So what is the economic potential for Graphene?

So what is the economic potential for Graphene? Innovate UK

Some experts say the global market for Graphene-based products could be worth £500m by 2020. It’s already being used in wearable tech, tennis rackets and lightbulbs, but more significantly it’s being developed for use in cars, aircraft, buildings and energy storage. Strong, light and flexible, it could dramatically increase efficiency.

New markets will open and existing processes will be revolutionised. Its unique structure means there are possibilities for an enormous impact on water purification processes. Graphene’s electrical and thermal properties could be huge for the electronics market and it could have multiple uses across healthcare, sport and defence. And the great thing is, the UK is a leading figure in the development of Graphene. This video from Innovate UK gives you an overveiw of the real potential for Graphene.


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