• Clinical trials and tribulations: A role for Europe

    Clinical trials and tribulations: A role for Europe0

    It’s hard to imagine a better fairy-tale villain than a big pharma company. There’s something undeniably sinister about these vast, faceless titans with their unfathomable methods and international reach; so much so that it’s sometimes an effort to remember that, actually, they’re the ones who develop and mass-produce the drugs we use to stay alive.

  • Drug Prices are Harming Patients

    Drug Prices are Harming Patients0

    • UK
    • January 15, 2014

    Right across the continent health budgets are under pressure due to austerity programmes. In the UK, a leading group of cancer experts has spoken out saying huge drug prices charged by pharmaceutical companies are putting patients at risk. The message is stark. Over 100 physicians have warned reasonable prices are “a necessity to save the