• The Democrats: Do We REALLY Need A New Anti-Brexit Centre Party?

    The Democrats: Do We REALLY Need A New Anti-Brexit Centre Party?0

    There have been constant rumblings of a fundamental realignment in UK politics, particularly since Jeremy Corbyn became Labour leader and the Brexit referendum put the UK on the road to leaving the EU. The current champion of a ‘new way’ is James Chapman, formerly chief of staff to David ‘Brexit Bulldog’ Davis. This realisation seems to have come

  • UK needs new ‘productive’ Euroscepticism

    UK needs new ‘productive’ Euroscepticism0

    If you take a cursory glance at British politics over recent weeks, you might be forgiven for assuming that as a Brit you only have two options when it comes to the European Union. Either you are pro-EU and opposed to change, opposed to a referendum and happy with the creeping political union that we

  • TTIP must not diminish European standards

    TTIP must not diminish European standards0

    The free trade agreement between Europe and America raises the possibility that consumer, employee and environmental protections will be seen as inconveniences that can be reduced rather than levelled between the two partners. The wave of announcements on both sides of the Atlantic on the proposed negotiations between the European Union and the United States