• Big Brother Is A Straight Guy 

    Big Brother Is A Straight Guy 0

    Claims made that AI can tell your sexuality from your face have raised pressing ethical questions and significant concern in the LGBT community.   Artificial Intelligence is often hitting the news these days, both as the answer to our problems and the bringer of new ones. But Stanford University research claiming that AI can find subtle

  • So what is the economic potential for Graphene?

    So what is the economic potential for Graphene?0

    • UK
    • August 7, 2017

    Some experts say the global market for Graphene-based products could be worth £500m by 2020. It’s already being used in wearable tech, tennis rackets and lightbulbs, but more significantly it’s being developed for use in cars, aircraft, buildings and energy storage. Strong, light and flexible, it could dramatically increase efficiency. New markets will open and

  •  The US – A No-Go Zone for Cyber Heroes.

     The US – A No-Go Zone for Cyber Heroes.0

    The arrest of Marcus Hutchins, better known as Malware Tech, has left the tech community feeling bruised and confused.  Hutchins, the 23-year-old Brit, hailed as a cyber-hero by the UK press was responsible for stopping the WannaCy ransomware attack that scythed through the National Health Service’s IT infrastructure is in trouble with law enforcement in