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  • We Tried Mass Surveillance. It Failed.
    We Tried Mass Surveillance. It Failed.

    Ever since the election, the government has been promising new laws on surveillance powers. Finally the draft bill has been presented, and it has a truly staggering scope. It would allow the state to hack citizens and businesses here and abroad, intercept data in bulk, and force the keeping of all UK citizens’ communications information

  • Ending the “Business as Usual” of Tory Victory
    Ending the “Business as Usual” of Tory Victory

    The one message from the Corbyn campaign that all the Labour leadership hopefuls should be able to agree on is that “business as usual is not enough”. After two lost General Elections clearly the Labour party – and progressive politics in general, desperately needs to find a new way to connect with the electorate. Much

  • How Patent Manipulation by Drug Companies Endangers Lives
    How Patent Manipulation by Drug Companies Endangers Lives

      By exploiting the patent system to keep generic drugs off the market, Big Pharma makes lifesaving medicines unaffordable to many in need.  In this video Tahir Amin, co-director of the Initiative for Medicines, Access, and Knowledge, explains how it works, and what his group is doing to stop it. Learn more: http://www.opensocietyfoundations.org