• Big Brother Is A Straight Guy 

    Big Brother Is A Straight Guy 0

    Claims made that AI can tell your sexuality from your face have raised pressing ethical questions and significant concern in the LGBT community.   Artificial Intelligence is often hitting the news these days, both as the answer to our problems and the bringer of new ones. But Stanford University research claiming that AI can find subtle

  • Manchester : Food And Drink Is The New Rock And Roll

    Manchester : Food And Drink Is The New Rock And Roll1

    When it comes to setting trends Manchester likes to think of itself as the great music city. But these days its food and drink that’s getting Mancunians buzzing. Those massive queues? They’re for Pollen Bakery not pop stars. It’s about the latest street-food stalls, not clubs. Tweeting a pic of your tipple, Instagramming your scran.

  • North-South : The Deadly Divide

    North-South : The Deadly Divide0

    Academics have found further evidence of health inequalities in England. Strikingly, they found that people in the north of England are 20 per cent more likely to die before the age of 75 than those in the south. Since the mid-1990s, the number of deaths among people between the ages of 25 and 44 have

  • Has online media DOOMED all of humanity?

    Has online media DOOMED all of humanity?0

    From ‘Fake News’ in Trump’s America, the exclusion of experts in Brexit Britain and Russian propaganda, the media battle lines in a war on opinion, have been drawn.  Within our social media bubbles, and in the comment sections of our favourite publications, dissent is not encouraged, sometimes it’s not even permitted. We are, it could

  • So what is the economic potential for Graphene?

    So what is the economic potential for Graphene?0

    Some experts say the global market for Graphene-based products could be worth £500m by 2020. It’s already being used in wearable tech, tennis rackets and lightbulbs, but more significantly it’s being developed for use in cars, aircraft, buildings and energy storage. Strong, light and flexible, it could dramatically increase efficiency. New markets will open and

  • Crypto-currency. China is forging ahead and breaking chains

    Crypto-currency. China is forging ahead and breaking chains0

    Earlier this week I wrote about the changes to money that crypto-currencies like Bitcoin were offering, as well as the huge possibilities inherent in Ethereum. Part of that was seeing large financial institutions adopt and experiment with the technologies to improve their own offerings.  It seems China may be about to take the technology beyond