• We Tried Mass Surveillance. It Failed.

    We Tried Mass Surveillance. It Failed.0

    Ever since the election, the government has been promising new laws on surveillance powers. Finally the draft bill has been presented, and it has a truly staggering scope. It would allow the state to hack citizens and businesses here and abroad, intercept data in bulk, and force the keeping of all UK citizens’ communications information

  • Ending the “Business as Usual” of Tory Victory

    Ending the “Business as Usual” of Tory Victory0

    The one message from the Corbyn campaign that all the Labour leadership hopefuls should be able to agree on is that “business as usual is not enough”. After two lost General Elections clearly the Labour party – and progressive politics in general, desperately needs to find a new way to connect with the electorate. Much

  • Did Labour Just Become Podemos By Accident?

    Did Labour Just Become Podemos By Accident?0

    In amongst all the bad headlines and social media furore a quiet revolution is underway in British politics… The aftermath of the 2015 General Election has continued to be cruel. The scrap for the Labour Leadership has engulfed British progressive politics and been played out in excruciating slow motion. On one hand we have had

  • Taking the Power in the Northern Powerhouse

    Taking the Power in the Northern Powerhouse1

    After months of speeches and media coverage, the “Northern Powerhouse” is a political reality. If not yet an economic, social or cultural reality. The first fully Tory Queen’s Speech for nearly two decades included the Cities and Local Government Bill which will transform how millions are governed. The North already has its first Metro Mayor

  • After A Bruising Election – What Next For Digital Rights?

    After A Bruising Election – What Next For Digital Rights?2

    The 2015 general election was a bruising campaign with a shocking result. Shocking not just that the Tories managed a slim majority against all expectations, but shocking in its implications for every part of this country’s fabric- housing, the NHS, communities, welfare and the ever more fragile Union. Yet more shocking still is the first

  • DevoManc? Devo Not.

    DevoManc? Devo Not.1

    The Greater Manchester devolution deal has taken many in our city aback. Far from empowering people in Manchester by involving them in shaping how our city region is to be run, we have a deal stitched up behind closed doors by the ruling elite. It’s also a deal that is clearly formed to help the