• Manchester – Why Aren’t You More Angry?

    Manchester – Why Aren’t You More Angry?0

    Recently online gossip and food review site Manchester Confidential asked why people in the city are so angry. But if you just care to open your eyes there is plenty to object to. In telling us everything is in fact fine, Confidential fell in to one of the classic traps. They based a ‘state of

  • Manchester : Food And Drink Is The New Rock And Roll

    Manchester : Food And Drink Is The New Rock And Roll1

    When it comes to setting trends Manchester likes to think of itself as the great music city. But these days its food and drink that’s getting Mancunians buzzing. Those massive queues? They’re for Pollen Bakery not pop stars. It’s about the latest street-food stalls, not clubs. Tweeting a pic of your tipple, Instagramming your scran.

  • North-South : The Deadly Divide

    North-South : The Deadly Divide0

    Academics have found further evidence of health inequalities in England. Strikingly, they found that people in the north of England are 20 per cent more likely to die before the age of 75 than those in the south. Since the mid-1990s, the number of deaths among people between the ages of 25 and 44 have

  • Manchester – Angel Investors and Devil Developers

    Manchester – Angel Investors and Devil Developers0

    Cranes and new builds are dominating Manchester’s skyline. But is the city bulldozing its soul? The redevelopment of Manchester is coming on at a pace. It often feels like if you go away for a week and a new block has sprung up or a much landmark has been razed to the ground. Everyone who

  • Putting the Greenhouse in the Powerhouse

    Putting the Greenhouse in the Powerhouse0

    Pomona at the heart of Greater Manchester has become a bit of an in-joke for many. Urban legend has it that Pomona Metrolink station is the place where no-one gets on or off, a monument to the folly of urban planners. Pomona Island has been described as a “hidden gem”. The wild site nestles between

  • DevoManc? Devo Not.

    DevoManc? Devo Not.1

    The Greater Manchester devolution deal has taken many in our city aback. Far from empowering people in Manchester by involving them in shaping how our city region is to be run, we have a deal stitched up behind closed doors by the ruling elite. It’s also a deal that is clearly formed to help the