• Crypto-currency. China is forging ahead and breaking chains

    Crypto-currency. China is forging ahead and breaking chains0

    Earlier this week I wrote about the changes to money that crypto-currencies like Bitcoin were offering, as well as the huge possibilities inherent in Ethereum. Part of that was seeing large financial institutions adopt and experiment with the technologies to improve their own offerings.  It seems China may be about to take the technology beyond

  • Are Chinese drones spying while flying? 

    Are Chinese drones spying while flying? 0

    A leaked memo from the office of the Deputy Chief of Staff at the Pentagon includes directions that US Army units are to stop using drones made by Dà-Jiāng Innovations Science and Technology Co, the Chinese global leader in commercial Drone technology that trades as DJI.   According to the Pentagon memo, the US Army Research

  • Iraq – Repeating Past Mistakes

    Iraq – Repeating Past Mistakes0

    Before we move forward against ISIL in Iraq, we have to learn from our past mistakes, or we will be doomed to repeat them. So here we are again. Parliament has voted to back military intervention in Iraq. In fact it is not so much as here we go again, as back to business as

  • The cost of action in Iraq

    The cost of action in Iraq0

    When parliament voted to invade Iraq in 2003, it was based on what we later found out to be disinformation and deceit. We were misled. The countless thousands who opposed the war were vocal in their opposition – but they were not listened to, they were ignored. And the UK went to war. Today, Iraq